Google has detailed new information on its Google Project Glass glasses, demoing them in action at the company’s Google I/O event in San Francisco. 

Rushing on to the stage during the event, Google co-founder Sergey Brin interrupted a demo of a new Google + feature, Google + events, to go to four sky divers via a Google + Hangout, before they jumped out of a blimp above the event. 

Through a series of handovers, those watching the event saw first hand how users will be able to share their life without even being there. 

google demos 1500 google glass by chucking someone out of a blimp says select few will be able to buy image 4

“We want Glass to work for many people in many situations,” said Google showing off the event. 

The latest details include new form factors, and the promise that the latest prototype will weigh less on your nose than many sunglasses. 

Google says that the many reasons for the new glasses will be to share images and video, as well as accessing information on the go like email and text messages. 

Much of the presentation focused on sharing images from a first-person perspective, however Google failed to detail how users can actually use the device, or when it would it be available, or even how much it would cost consumers suggesting that the project is still in its infancy. 

"Capturing video and images is only a part of what a wearable computer can do," Sergey Brin said at the event. 

That said, Brin did confirm that a very early version of the Google Project Glass glasses will be available to a select few developers. Google I/O attendees will be able to order what Google is dubbing the Google Glass Explorer edition of the glasses for $1500. The glasses will be available next year at some point. 

Brin confirmed that the glasses won't be available to consumers. At the moment only only those who have attended the event in San Francisco can pre-order the new device.