Google I/O is in full swing and Android news is flinging about left right and centre. Among the announcements is an exciting new way of searching added to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Called Google Now, it acts like an intelligent personal assistant which gathers data from the web based on what sort of searches you make.

Say you search for a certain football team a lot. Google Now will look up results and stats for you and then place them on the sports part of your personalised Google Now card. The service goes further, doing clever things like looking up restaurants in areas you aren't familiar with, bringing up recommendations and then offering you a quick link to boot up Google maps so you can navigate to it quickly. 

Google Now can also integrate with travel. Searching for a certain flight will add a card listing departure times and gate numbers to your Google Now page. If, for example, take the bus or train a lot, then information such as arrival times will be added. The app can even do things like work out your regular route to work, then suggest alternatives on the travel section of your Google Now card. 

The more personalised search appears to be in keeping with Google's more streamlined search experience on Android overall. Voice search for example on Jelly Bean will bring up quick card view answers to questions you ask, offering a conventional search below. 

Google Now is a bit like this, bringing in data you look up frequently in a logical way for you and collating lots of data from the web seamlessly. Google has also announced plans to add plenty more types of cards to the service as time goes on. 

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