Mozilla has redesigned its Firefox browsing app for the Android platform, promising a faster experience in the process as well as flash support.

Users can now personalise their Firefox homepage, while Firefox Sync tallies up all your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords and data from your computer’s Firefox search engine and transfers it to your Android smartphone. 

The app will now support flash too, so Firefox users will be able to watch videos and play games through the browser on their phone. Mozilla has also opened up its Android Firefox platform to developers, making it possible to create additional web apps and websites with the likes of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.

Mozilla claims its new Firefox Android browser is twice as fast as an Android’s standard browser, with less time wasted waiting for the app to fire up or loading sites or panning and zooming around web pages.

Pocket-lint will be conducting a Firefox for Android review in the near future, but in the meantime let us know what your experience with the updated app is like.

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