Google’s Project Glass eyewear has taken yet another step in becoming a reality after a video shot through the glasses was posted on the company’s Google+ account.

Before you get too excited, the video clip is only 15 seconds long and the type of technology we can expect from the augmented reality glasses is still limited to that advert Google released earlier in the year

However, it does suggest that the pair Google CEO Larry Page was recently photographed wearing could indeed have been a prototype pair rather than a mere dummy model. 

What we do know from the latest video clip is that it was recorded in 720P and that the person wearing the glasses is a dab hand at trampolining.

Larry Page is not the only Google employee to have been snapped wearing the glasses, with Sergey Brin posing for photos while wearing the glasses in April.

You can watch the video shot by Google’s Project Glass specs below. 

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