Google has now made it possible for app developers to create subscription-based applications for the Play Store.

The move could have a significant effect on the way consumers purchase games, TVs and magazines in particular, with a monthly subscription payment providing access to the latest title, programmes or issue.

The cost of each subscription-based app will be down to the developers themselves, as posted on the Android developer's blog, as will how regularly a payment mud be made - monthly or annually. However, once those boundaries have been set, Google will take care of the rest. 

Of course in order for a subscription-based app to be successful, the price will need to be reduced so as to appeal to the consumer, but it’s an interesting way of providing updated content.

App developers can begin implementing subscriptions now and can check out the terms and conditions by reading the In-App Billing Document here.

What do you think to the idea of paying for apps via subscription? Let us know.