Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, has taken to the stage at Google’s Big Tent conference to outline the company’s plans for the recently acquired Motorola Mobility.

Google finally completed the purchase of Motorola for $12.5 billion and Schmidt has said that the company has big plans for the hardware outfit:

“As part of that we're going to announce the things we're going to do, but for your purposes there will be more investment in Motorola devices under the Motorola brand and a lot more investment in Android.” 

The last point in this statement is particularly poignant, as it would suggest that Google has no plans to distance itself from other manufacturers despite acquiring its own hardware outlet.

There had been some debate as to what Google’s acquisition of Motorola would mean in terms of future Android updates being rolled out to other handset devices.

Yet it would appear that not only will Motorola be reaping the benefits, but other manufactures that produce Android devices will too, with early updates being dished out to all.

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