Anything Google’s Sergey Brin can do, co-founder Larry Page can do too, after he joined his colleague in being photographed wearing Google’s Augmented Reality glasses. 

Page was snapped wearing the Project Glass Augmented Reality specs in London by a fellow Google employee who then posted the pic on Google +.

Sergey Brin was photographed wearing the glasses in April and judging by the pair Page was wearing little has changed in terms of design, suggesting it’s still in prototype mode.

A video of the Project Glass Augmented Reality specs was unveiled in April demonstrating the kind of things the technology might bring, such as reading text messages, viewing your social networks or accessing weather reports, all directly in front of your eyes.

It’s also thought that you’ll be able to take snaps with the glasses as well as make and receive calls, while some suggest the glasses could even be with us before the end of the year.

With both Brin and Page allowing themselves to be photographed wearing them, that’s becoming an increasingly likely (augmented) reality.

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