A court has heard that Google’s Android OS lost the internet giant money in every quarter of 2010.

Google avoids publishing its financial reports on Android, but during the case in which software developer Oracle is suing Google for copyright infringements, the judge said the results added “up to a big loss for the whole year” for the company.

Despite Android resulting in net losses for every quarter of 2010, Google actually $97.7 million in terms of revenue for the first quarter of that year, two years after the first Android device was sold.

The financial figures could mean bad news for Oracle, if it is successful in its litigation against Google, because it could affect how the amount of damages awarded. 

The case in the US centres on Oracle’s claims that Google violated its copyrights with regard to the programming language Java.

Google maintains that Oracle cannot feasibly copyright an open-source and publicly available software language.

The case has already thrown up several interesting elements that would not otherwise have seen the light of day, including images of the first ever Google phone.

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