Google used its Google Doodle on Monday to celebrate the 30th birthday of the ZX Spectrum and St George's Day in the UK. 

The Google doodle features an 8-bit version of the sainted knight slaying a dragon and links through to a search on the ZX Spectrum. 

Launched on 23 April 1982, the ZX Spectrum from Sinclair started a revolution on home computing. Costing half the price of the nearest competitor, the BBC Micro, enthusiasts could buy the computer, plug it into a television and start coding straight away. 

Games would either be loaded by cassette or have to be coded yourself following instructions from a paper booklet. 

Classic titles included Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, and Head over Heals. 

Meanwhile making sure that the English aren't left out, the UK Google doodle also features the classic story of when George met the dragon.