A Boeing smartphone will be hitting stores this year, the aviation company has confirmed.

Not content with dominating the skies with its 747s and alike, Boeing will be tackling the smartphone market with its own Android device.

Before we get too excited, Boeing says its phone will be geared “towards a lower price point”, so we’re looking at Froyo or possibly Gingerbread operating system at best, as opposed to Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Where Boeing feels its phone’s strength lies is with its security, something the company feels is becoming an increasing concern for smartphone users.

How the phone will be more secure than its rivals is unclear but its strategy appears to suggest Boeing is targeting business users rather than the consumer.

No word on a name for the Boeing phone yet but Roger Krone, President of Boeing Network and Space Systems, did say that his next smartphone “is going to be thinner, smaller and have more capability”.

Perhaps he’s thinking about buying the Huawei Ascend D quad?

Expect the Boeing Android smartphone to fly in later this year.

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