The latest version of Chrome, Google’s desktop browser, will now offer tab syncing to multiple machines including your Android smartphone. 

The news means that if you use the company's browser on different computers or devices at different locations, you can pick up where you left off. 

“Imagine you’ve looked up directions to a cool new restaurant on your home computer," reads the official blog announcing the news. "Later, when you’re leaving work, you realise you can’t quite remember how to get there. If only you could quickly pull up the same directions on your office computer with one click!”

Users can access the new features by clicking on “Other devices” menu on the New Tab page and if you use Chrome for Android Beta - Android 4.0 devices only at the moment - the tab will also be available on your phone. 

Google isn't alone in its offering, but it is first. Apple is also planning on adding multiple-device tab syncing with the company's Safari browser on the iPad, iPhone and desktop offerings via its Cloud service. However, that feature is still in testing and can be used only by developers in developer preview of OS X Mountain Lion at the moment.