Google Play, the search engines newly renamed web store, has been added to the black Google Nav bar that appears at the top of all Google webpages.

The new entry, which is accompanied by a bright red "new" badge, means users visiting any of Google's sites will now be alerted to the company's store so they can buy stuff for their phone or browser without having to remember the url.

A quick check within the team and it appears that not all people are seeing the new addition, while Twitter users who are starting to notice it have mixed feelings about the new addition,  asking whether they need so many quick links to so many of Google's services.  

Google recently rebranded its store offering to Google Play. It allows users to buy movies, books, and Android apps. 

It is the first time the company's store has had such a prominent placement. 

Will it make you use the Play store more? Let us know in the comments below