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(Pocket-lint) - Jelly Bean hasn't even been announced yet, but Google is set to turn to one of Florida's finest desserts for the codename of the version of its Android operating system after next, possibly Android 6.0. The software giant has been sticking to both sweets and ranging them alphabetically, so it seems it has plumped for Key Lime Pie.

The name comes from a source of The Verge - the same tipster, the site says, that told it of the Jelly Bean name for Android 5.0. And while that hasn't been officially confirmed yet, the fact that the Google stand at Mobile World Congress featured giant bowls full of - you guessed it - jelly beans, we're pretty certain that's the moniker it's going with.

So, Key Lime Pie then. Of course, now that's out in the open, all that remains is to speculate on exactly what type of Android operating system it'll be, and whether it'll just be an update on Android 5.0 (5.5, or something).

Oh, and then there's always the matter of the letter "L" and Android 7.0... Lemon Drizzle Cake anyone?

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If not Key Lime Pie, what else could it be? Or how about Android 7.0, what's your ideas for names? Let us know in the comments below...

Pic: (cc) Sam Howzit

Writing by Rik Henderson.