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(Pocket-lint) - How quick is Windows Phone 7 exactly? Much quicker than the fastest Android handsets apparently. That's according to Microsoft, which has turned its "Smoked by Windows Phone" stunt from CES into a fully blown ad campaign.

The premise is that fandroids pitch their Android smartphone against a Windows Phone 7 handset (the HTC Titan II) to see which handset performs everyday tasks the quickest.

"Last month, we kicked off Smoked by Windows Phone at CES as a fun way of showing the world why Windows Phone is simply faster at the real stuff that real people do on their smartphones every day," explained Ben Rudolph on the Windows Team Blog.

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"Since the show, where we won 88 per cent of our challenges (95 per cent, including the wins from our tour of California) against the best smartphones in the business, we’ve seen a huge swell of support for Smoked."

Apparently, WP7 fans demanded an ad campaign featuring the challenges. So now, Microsoft has posted a series of 15 to 30-second videos of the action on sites such as Forbes.com, Entertainment Tonight and Geek.com.

Microsoft has gone all out attack as of late with its promotional material; its Googlighting mocking of Google video has gone viral since hitting YouTube earlier this week.

Does your Windows Phone 7 smoke the competition, do you think? Let us know using the comments below.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.