Google Docs for Android has had its second major revamp in the space of a few weeks - this time with the addition of the collaborative experience from Google Docs on the desktop on your Android device.

This means, no matter where you are, as long as you've got a data connection you'll be able to work in real-time with your contacts and see changes on shared documents as they happen.

There are also new formatting options on board, including pinch to zoom for focusing on a specific paragraph and rich text formatting for tasks like creating bullet lists, adding colour or making words bold, italic, underlined and so on.

This month Google Docs on Android upped its game with the introduction of offline viewing, meaning that when you're without Wi-Fi or 3G you're still be able to fire up your files and work away on them on the move - provided you've marked them to be available offline.

All these changes come at a time when Google is coming under fire from Microsoft for its app range. The Redmond-based software giant recently posted a cheeky video on YouTube, openly attacking Google Apps in a spoof called Googlighting.