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(Pocket-lint) - Google has added a Google+ share button and notification box that allows you to share your thoughts on the company's social networking site Google+ directly from the homepage or any search result.

The new addition, which appeared on Monday on the .com and .co.uk sites, non only breaks the usual minimal design of the Google homepage but allows you, for the first time, to do something other than search while searching.

Pressing on the + Share button reveals the Google+ post update box allowing you to add links, pictures, and then choose who you share that information with.

It means users will be able to share something immediately without having to worry about going to the Google+ homepage.

google search no longer just for searching now for sharing too image 2

The integration with Google+ isn't just on the homepage. The share box has made it to all searches, sitting next to the search box breaking out of the black bar that runs along the top of the page.

Google is also offering Google + suggestions with some search results.

A search for "canon" brings up a box on the right hand side of the page suggesting three Google+ People and Pages related to canon.

In the case of that search all three people list that they take pictures with Canon cameras in their introductions on their About pages. Not all searches return suggestions, although it seems that searching specifically for company names offers the box up nine times out of 10.

While the suggestions box is context aware, sadly the Google+ box isn't. Information about the search page you are on isn't pre-loaded into the links element of the box.

google search no longer just for searching now for sharing too image 5

In a further push to get people to go "Google" users to the homepage who aren't already using Google's Chrome browser are given a pop up icon with the words "A faster way to browse the web - Install Google Chrome".

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Writing by Stuart Miles.