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(Pocket-lint) - Google Docs on Android just upped its game with the introduction of offline viewing.

The new feature means that when you're without Wi-Fi or 3G you'll still be able to fire up your files and work away on them on the move - provided you've marked them to be available offline. Files can be made available offline using the menu button or simply by touching and holding a file on the screen and checking the option.

Once your tablet or smartphone regains its connection to the internet, any changes that you've made will be synced to your account. It's automatic but you can push changes manually if you're too impatient for the servers to kick in.


A notification indicates if an item is available for offline viewing and will appear in the top of an Android phone or on the right-hand side of an Android tab.

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For fandroids rocking a tablet, Google Docs has been improved. When you open a Google document on your tablet while online, you’ll get a high-resolution version of the document. Swipe left and right to flip between pages, or use the slider at the bottom to page ahead quickly.


The new version of Google Docs is free and is in the Android Market now.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.
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