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(Pocket-lint) - Windows Phone 7.5 users rejoice - for multiple Google Calendar syncing is now available on your Mango handset.

That's right - after months of waiting and having to do complicated work-arounds, no longer will you forget to go to that important meeting / send your mum a birthday present (delete as appropriate, depending on what calendar you thought had preference; personal or business) as you can now see all your calendars in one place.


"Multiple Calendars is a feature that lets you select which of your Google Calendars are synced to your device," said Google's Li Yin from the Sync Team. "Just navigate to m.google.com/sync on your phone’s browser and configure the calendars you would like to see."

For people with incredibly busy lifestyles (or those suffering from a horrendous case of dissociative identity disorder) you can have up to 25 calendars on the go at any one time. Your calendars will all be displayed once your WP7.5 handset and Google's sync servers have cosied up - which is every half hour or so. Although you can manually push it by synchronising your Google account via the email and accounts page in settings if you can't wait that long. 

Google has also announced improved Gmail fun on Windows Phone too; with offline mail searching and better default mail options.

Happy Friday Windows Phone 7 fans....

Writing by Paul Lamkin.