OnLive is due to hit Google TVs, bringing built-in cloud based gaming to your television. As of now, those who own a Google TV can use OnLive viewer, which will let you view content being played via the arena. You cannot, however, actually play games using OnLive, this is coming soon.

OnLive has been showing off gameplay at CES on a Vizio VAP430, which like all current and future Google TV devices, supports the OnLive controller. 

It means a massive change to the way people play games, bringing out of the box instant console quality gaming without the need for any console purchases whatsoever. Unlike some Smart TVs, which offer built in basic apps like Angry Birds, the inclusion of OnLive means being able to play games like Batman Arkham City and Deus Ex. 

We expect, although don't quote us on this, that some television manufacturers will start offering OnLive controllers bundled with their Google TV devices. This isn't restricted just to televisions either, Google TV can be found in Blu-ray players, set top boxes and media streamers. 

Those who don't currently own an OnLive controller, but want to give the service a go on their Google TV can either use a standard USB game controller or the television remote itself. 

We will have more on the built-in Google TV OnLive gaming when we have played with it. 

Like the idea of OnLive being built in? Let us know in the comments below ...

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