Dropbox 2.0 has hit the Android Market, bringing in a revamped design, a load of new features and support for the latest version of Android; Ice Cream Sandwich.

As well as all your usual cloud-based saving fun fandroids will now be able to mark files as "Favorites"; ensuring that the latest version is always right there on your handset. You can also "Star" a file for quick offline access.

Bulk uploading has also landed, meaning that you'll no longer have to upload files one at a time, you'll be able to select multiple photos and videos to be uploaded in the background whilst you have a quick bash of Angry Birds or whatever other games your enjoying (read, addicted to).

Files and folders can now be renamed from within the app, there's an improved gallery view, export to (and upload from) local storage options, as well as a number bug fixes and stability improvements.

Don't forget, if you're rocking a HTC phone - you might also be entitled to a free 5GB of extra Dropbox storage.

Dropbox 2.0 for Android is live now, and is free.