The latest stable release of Google Chrome has just gone live (we're up to 16 if you're keeping count) and the big addition is the ability to sign into multiple accounts from the same browser session.

If you're sick of your good lady filling up your bookmarks with Justin Bieber fansites, or websites that are full of cats doing mundane but "hilarious" things, the new feature will be a welcome addition.

It is simple to switch between users using the wrench menu at the top and once you've done so you'll have access to all your favourite sites, as well as extensions and apps too.

You'll still need to use the incognito mode for any of your "private" browsing (we're thinking Christmas shopping here, nothing else) because it is easy for anybody else who has access to your PC to load up your profile. It's really just intended to keep preferences separate amongst multiple users.

Google Chrome 16 is available now. It will be the last stable release of 2011.