Google has paid tribute to silicon chip co-creator Robert Noyce with a very fetching, and rather ornate, micro-chip Google Doodle. This particular doodle celebrating the engineer's 84th birthday.

Noyce was one of the main driving forces behind Silicon Valley and, along with Jack Kilby, was instrumental in the production of the integrated circuit. With this innovation came massive developments in digital technology and acted as a catalyst for companies and developments in the region now known as Silicon Valley.

However, we shouldn't forget that the true father of the integrated circuit was an Englishman named Geoffrey W.A. Dummer of the Royal Radar Establishment, who presented his idea in Washington, DC, 6 years before Kilby received the patent.

The late Robert Noyce, who died in 1990, has been survived by his family as well as the Noyce Foundation, which aims to develop maths and science in the US.