Earlier this week Google announced that Android customers around the world have downloaded more than 10 billion apps. But the big news is that UK fandroids don't appear to be all that Android "App-crazed".

According to a new Google infograph that delves further into the 10 billion download figure, the UK is not in the top 10 Android downloaders on a per capita basis.

The result is surprising given that figures from analyst Kantar ComTech back in October, who suggested that in just 18 months Android had become the mobile OS powering just under half of all smartphones sold in the UK.

The infograph states the top 5 consisting of a South East Asia dominance, with just the USA from outside the region figuring in 4th place. South Korea, home of LG and Samsung; Hong Kong; Taiwan, home of HTC and Acer; and Singapore take the top spots with Sweden, Israel, Denmark, Netherlands and Norway completing the 10.

There's no indication as to where the UK sits but, with over half the UK population now said to be rocking a smartphone, and half of those pocketing Android devices, we would have expected to see our name mentioned.

Maybe we're just not as app crazy as the Norwegians?

Google's infograph also states that the most common type of apps downloaded are games at over one in four of all downloads.

uk not android app crazed says google image 2

Surprised to see the UK not feature? Or are we more picky with our app choices? Let us know your app habits using the comments below.