Google has introduced its latest foray into the world of mobile news with Google Currents, a highly graphical news reader which, with the addition of deep Google+ integration, will take on Flipboard's own social networking functionality.

The graphical interface, Gooogle explains, is optimized for smartphones and tablets, and should allow you to navigate very easily between digital content; encompassing video and photos as well as the written word on a variety of screen sizes.

In practice, all you need to do to get started will be to download the app and choose the publications you want to subscribe to. After this you can introduce your Google+ network into the mix, meaning you can share articles with your Google+ circles, whilst RSS, photo feeds and any Google Reader subscriptions can also be added.

This makes Google Currents a one-stop-shop for a massive amount of info, all bundled together into an attractive magazine-like package. Even better your content is cached for offline viewing.

Publishers haven't been forgotten either as Google has integrated self-service platform that aims to give "flexibility to design, brand and customize their web content."

Unfortunately, for the moment at least, Google Currents is only available for those in the US; however you can pretty much guarantee it'll be rolled out further afield in the near future.