Ever wondered what Windows Phone 7 might look like running on your iPhone or your Android smartphone?

Well, wonder no longer as Microsoft has set up a mobile site which emulates the latest version of the OS, Mango, right on to your Apple or Google powered device.

Once loaded up, the HTML5 site gives you a glimpse of what you might expect to find, should you make the jump to the Windows Phone 7 dark side.

It doesn't actually import your contacts, or provide access to your own messages (now, that would be amazing) but the generic contacts, photos, emails and texts in place certainly do give you a feel of Microsoft's latest mobile assault.

It's an interesting idea from Microsoft to get people tapping tiles on WP7, and it sure is weird seeing the setup on a non Windows Phone.

You can give it a spin for yourself, simply by going to m.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/demo/.

Windows Phone 7 fan?

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