Google is rolling out its new-look Google navigation bar which gets rid of the old, slightly cluttered, effort and replaces it with a shiny new stripped down version with a swanky drop-down menu bar which will give you links to all the Google products.

This is part of a larger redesign initiative by the Big G, which has seen changes to nearly all of its products. Now going for around 6 months, Search, News, Maps, Translate, Gmail and a bunch of other stuff have all been tweaked.

The aim of the game in the case of the new Google bar is to be as slimline and intuitive as possible, with a greater focus on being able to share content in easily on Google+.

"Instead of the horizontal black bar at the top of the page, you’ll now find links to your services in a new drop-down Google menu nested under the Google logo. We’ll show you a list of links and you can access additional services by hovering over the “More” link at the bottom of the list. Click on what you want, and you’re of," said Google on its Blog post.

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