Lurking in the settings menu of the latest version of Android on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus you'll find a little hidden treat: a tribute to Nyan Cat, the YouTube-smashing 8-bit Pop-Tart cat shooting rainbows out of its behind.

To access the treat you'll have to head into the settings, neatly accessed via the notifications bar in Ice Cream Sandwich. In the "about phone" section you'll find the details of the Android version. 

Tap repeatedly on "Android version 4.0.1" and you'll get the 8-bit Android with an Ice Cream Sandwich body. Great stuff, you've uncovered an Easter Egg that resides in more than just Ice Cream Sandwich - you'll get a Zombie Attack picture in Gingerbread.

Now, to take this to the next level, press and hold on 8-bit Android and he'll grow, like Mario, into a super Ice Cream Sandwich Android man and start flying across the screen, with his buddies, in a huge Nyan Cat-style onslaught.

Unfortunately you don't get the crazy music … but it's only a matter of time before someone hacks it all together. The original Nyan Cat video has now been watched over 47 million times on YouTube.

We'll be bringing you our full review of Ice Cream Sandwich, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, very shortly.

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