The latest Google Doodle is up and it's out of this world, literally. The Doodle depicts a cartoon-like space scene, complete with the most famous short-period comet in the solar system; the one named after one Edmond Halley, who would have been 335 years old today.

Halley, apart from having comets labelled in his honour, was the second Astronomer Royal in Britain and is also famous for discovering the proper motion of the fixed stars after comparing his own astrometric measurements with those given in Ptolemy's Almagest.

He studied at Queen's College, Oxford and, as well as Halley's Comet, also had a lunar crater, a Martian crater and a method for the numerical solution of equations named after him.

Halley's honorary Doodle is the the 217th of 211, meaning that the Big G is knocking one out at a rate of roughly 5 a week.

Is the novelty of the Google Doodle beginning to wane given that they're seemingly more common than the actual Google logo now? Let us know, using the comments below.