Google has launched Google+ Pages on its social networking site that allows users to interact with businesses and organisations from around the world.

Previously Google hadn't allowed businesses to actively connect with individual users but now Google+  Pages opens this up. In a bid to allow you to build relationships with a variety of companies, both local and global, Google said on its blog post that, "today we’re rolling out Google+ Pages worldwide".

The blog post continued:

"For you and me, this means we can now hang out live with the local bike shop, or discuss our wardrobe with a favorite clothing line, or follow a band on tour. Google+ pages give life to everything we find in the real world. And by adding them to circles, we can create lasting bonds with the pages (and people) that matter most."

Indeed, this should deliver an active and vibrant setting for customers to communicate with companies; it will also be of huge benefit to the companies themselves, however, as in forming a direct link, Google has opened up a huge potential customer base - a captive audience, ripe for wooing.

There are currently 20 companies that are active on Google+ pages, but this should increase rapidly as organisations are now free to join - and hang out with you.

To use the new service, "just go to Google and search for [+], followed by the page you're interested in (like +Angry Birds). We'll take you to their Google+ page, and if you want, we’ll add them to your circles."

Pocket-lint also has a Google+ Page, so get involved and click through on the G+ icon - found on the right of the page - or just click through here.