The latest Google Doodle to grace our search engine comes in the form of picture of Nobel prize-winning Marie Curie. 

The Google home page now features a drawing of Marie Curie sitting at her work bench. Curie is famed for her risky work in the fight against cancer, experimenting with radioactive materials and treatments that for the time were unparalleled. 

Studying at the Sorbonne from 1891 onwards, Curie worked with husband Pierre where she discovered dangerous radioactive elements polonium and radium. 

The couple finally won the Nobel prize for physics in 1903 alongside Henri Becquerel, who is credited as being the discoverer of radioactivity.

Curie eventually became director of the Red Cross radiological service. She pioneered X-ray techniques during the first world war, building mobile X-ray units for soldiers. Curie eventually won a second nobel prize in 1911 for chemistry.

Those who want to find out more about Marie Curie need only click on the doodle itself, it directs straight to a Google search on Curie.

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