Google has revealed a new information panel that will appear at the side of the traditional search page; bringing all the important details surrounding any real-world search you may do. This should make it easier and quicker to find out the  important stuff.

The new Google search feature works in a similar fashion to page preview, where you can hover over a search result and see the page you'll be clicking on. For example, when looking for a decent restaurant in a certain area, you'll be able to scroll down th list of suggestions with each one having important info that could sway your decision.

Info could include opening times, photos, local bus and train routes etc. - and as well as a streetview option it's also possible that you might get a second Pegman to place, meaning you can look around the inside of the establishment.

We say possible as the wealth of detail that comes up rather depends - obviously - on what's online, but the fact that Google is attempting to bring this kind of useful information together is a bonus.

Pocket-lint has already given it a go: it seemed to work for specific searches, but not when hovering over multiple options in the list. What could be really nice is when the real-world places start to introduce more information on the back of this service in an attempt to attract more business. The new Google information panel also includes links to any online reviews.

Restaurants, hotels, local businesses, landmarks, museums and a whole lot more should be included.