Google always seem to be bending over backwards in order to make our online existence that little bit easier, whether it be a new function here, a smoother experience there or an imaginative Google doodle for us to coo over.

And it seems to have done it again with this update to its tab page. The update brings some new functionality which should make sorting out apps a breeze, as you can drag and drop them to rearrange or send them to the bin. You can also scroll through multiple pages using arrows at the side.

To add apps you can use the the big Chrome webstore icon and choose from the thousands that are available. 

We'd like to think all these wonderful updates to Google products happen because it loves us all so much - big, friendly uncle Google. Although we know in our hearts it's probably because they're a huge evil multinational that wants to take over the world. Still if it means a better browsing experience, who are we to argue?