Gmail is about to roll out with a massive redesign, but we weren't meant to see it yet. However, thanks to an over eager Google-ite, it seems that a private video detailing the new look and features went public on YouTube for a while, before being taken down (officially, at least).

It seems that the main new design is based on the Preview theme that's already available in Gmail, but with a stack of new options, to boot.

The look is now "as clean, simple and as intuitive as possible". The active screen will adapt to fit the size of your window, and you can set specific display densities. In addition, the side bar can be manipulated to your own specifications - hiding labels and bringing chat higher up, for example.

There are new high resolution images to use as themes, and conversations have been redesigned for better readability. Search has also been overhauled.

Google hasn't announced when these changes might hit - after all, the video wasn't even meant to be released yet - but we'd expect it to be in the next few weeks.

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