Google's latest attempt at drawing you away from using your iPhone or BlackBerry's email client has just been announced - multiple sign-in features on the mobile web version of Gmail.

This may not sound like too much of an exciting breakthrough in the world of tech, but it is a welcome addition for Gmailers with more than one identity.

Players can keep on playin' and geeks (like us) can keep on arranging their emails into different accounts based on a number of specific pre-determined factors. We're living the dream.

It's easy enough to switch between accounts, you just use the accounts menu at the bottom.

The mobile web version of Gmail also welcomes a mobile-specific signature for the first time and also intros the ability to turn your out of office on, on the go.

There's also the handy option of saving separate URLs on your homescreens for all your different accounts, making it easy to open the inbox you need.

The changes are rolling out now.