Google+ just lost its cool. It's no longer the exclusive club that it once was, as it's opened up its doors and is now letting any Tom, Dick or Harry in - even people in trainers.

We're joshing, of course, we welcome the new +ers into the party, and we look forward to being circled more times than Martin Škrtel when he faces a welsh winger in London.

The social network that the Big G has high hopes for first opened its doors 90 days ago and, during an invite only period, has already grown to over 25 million users.

And to celebrate the public opening, Google has invited from The Black Eyed Peas down to cut the ribbon. Kind of.

The rapper will be hosting a Hangout On Air - Google+'s new public broadcasting feature - on 21 September.

Hangout On Air is just one of a few Hangout tweaks that have been announced. There's also a new mobile Hangout option for Android 2.3+ users, with a promise that iOS compatibility is coming soon.

Hangouters also now have the chance to share doodles, screen shots and Google Docs. Plus they can name their Hangouts to something specific.

google available for everyone image 2

All of the changes are rolling out globally in the next few days. And Google isn't shy in announcing that Google+ is now open for all. Just take a look at the bloomin' great big blue arrow pointing the way on the Google homepage.

Watch out Facebook, there's a new kid in town.

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