Mac OS X Lion users who have switched from Chrome to Safari in order to benefit from the recently released operating system's features, like full screen mode, can now go back to the Google browser. Its latest update now adds full screen support and the new invisible scroll bars.

Google has also added many of the visual niceties that can be found in Lion to the latest stable release of Chrome, version 14.

Many users deserted the Google browser when Apple launched its latest operating system because it didn’t offer full screen support, or the much-lauded invisible scroll bars.

And, as a bonus, Chrome now also supports two-finger scrolling between web pages.

The update, which is available for free for Windows and Linux users as well, also fixes some of the known issues, including a number of "high-level" bugs.

Because of the way it works, Chrome should automatically update, bringing the new features to your desktop without you having to do much.