Good old Uncle Goog has coughed up $1 million to help fund the World Wide Web Index - a project designed to "measure of the Web and its impact on people and nations".

The Web Index is the brainchild of The World Wide Web Foundation and it will be "the world’s first multi-dimensional measure of the Web and its impact on people in a large number of countries. It will be a composite index, incorporating political, economic, social, and developmental indicators, as well as indicators of Web connectivity and infrastructure."

If you're not sure what that means, then don't worry - neither are we.

But we think it means that we can expect plenty of flash looking infographics displaying trends, geo-data and rankings that are specific to web based activities.

Expect to see things like "top performing countries" that could even lead to governments using the Index to make policy interventions.

"The Index will allow for comparisons of trends over time and across borders," reads the official release statement.

"It will provide indications of technical conditions that are present or not present in a country that are at least coincidental with, if not related to, the political, economic and social impact of the Web. 

"This will make it a powerful tool of analysis for policy makers and investors, allowing them to make more effective and better targeted investment strategies."

You can follow the World Wide Web Index over at