The next version of Google's Android OS (or rather the next version, after the next version) is going to be called Jelly Bean. Probably. Possibly.

That's the message from a report by This is My Next who, on the one hand, has a "trusted source" telling it that it's definitely the chosen moniker, and on the other hand has a "well-regarded source" saying that the Jelly Bean label is simply in the running.

It's not exactly Watergate, we know, but we know that many of you are as nerdy as us, so any whispers of possible Android future versions have to be reported.

The report does contain some juicy details though, save for the dithering over the naming rights. Apparently the J version of Android will come packing the "game changing stuff" that we hoped would arrive with Ice Cream Sandwich.

No word on what number will come attached to this game-changing OS though - heck, we don't even know what version Ice Cream Sandwich is yet.

Back to the name issue and if Google does continue down its dessert based alphabetical path then we'd be surprised if Jelly Bean wasn't chosen as the label. After all, what else is there? Jaffa Cake is a brand, jelly in the States means jam, jello is not universal and Jamaica cake is a bit specialist.

Version K has to be Key Lime Pie though, surely? It's bound to be in the running at least.