Here at Pocket-lint towers it's a unanimous decision that the latest Google Doodle, celebrating what would have been the 65th birthday of Freddie Mercury, is the best ever.

Despite a loooooooong weekend treading the boards at the Messe Berlin for IFA, the Doodle is so good that it had team Lint dancing around our desks - not a common sight for any Monday morning, let us assure you.

The animated Doodle features the song Don't Stop Me Now, from Queen's 1978 album Jazz and contains some flamboyant imagery - you get the impression that the great man himself would definitely have appreciated it.

For us geeks the highlight has to be the racing car in 8-bit form, although we are rather fond of tiger defying the laws of gravity.

Speaking to Google in preparation for the Doodle's unveiling, Queen member Brian May said: "Freddie was fully focused, never allowing anything or anyone to get in the way of his vision for the future. He was truly a free spirit. There are not many of these in the world. To achieve this, you have to be, like Freddie, fearless - unafraid of upsetting anyone's apple cart."

A bit like Google itself you might say - quite literally with the Apple cart.

Awesome stuff from the Big G  and a great way to start the week.