Google’s roll out of its new design continues uninterrupted this week with the news that users of Blogger will be able to enjoy the site's new look. 

In is the new, squarer bars and boxes you will have seen surfacing elsewhere on Google products; out is the design you’ve been using for the last couple of years. 

The Google team responsible for Blogger, the company’s blogging platform, says that it’s not just about a new lick of paint. It’s also about reworking the code and so it's "rewritten the entire editing and management experience from scratch so it’s faster and more efficient for you—and easier for us to update and improve over time."

With change, will most likely come moments that you start screaming at the screen, however Google is saying that you shouldn’t blame it. 

"Throughout the design process, we conducted user interviews to help identify how to make Blogger even easier and more enjoyable to use. We also watched users try our new interface and made many refinements based on their feedback." Ergo, if you don’t like it, it’s your fault - well maybe not your fault, but someone it surveyed. 

New features include the post editor being expanded and simplified to give users a larger canvas for drafting and previewing your work.

There’s also a new "Overview" section of the dashboard allowing you to track how people are reacting to your blog with a graph of your most recent traffic numbers, comment activity and follower count. 

Like other Google design roll outs you’ll still have a chance to stick with the old layout for now or switch to the new shiny look. The new design should be accessible in the next couple of days.