We’ve been waiting for it to land on Android phones in the UK for over a month, and finally we have the official over the air update for the Android Market on the Samsung Galaxy S.

The roll-out in the US got underway at the end of July, and now it looks like UK Android users will be treated to the same thing, that is, if you haven’t already installed the APK via other spurious means (as we did in our original hands-on). 

As we saw before, UK users don’t get the Books section that our US cousins do, but the new look and feel is certainly refreshing. 

The new Android Market gives you a more dynamic Featured page, doing away with the carousel that the previous version offered. Swiping from side-to-side, you’ll be able to get to Categories, top apps - either paid for or free - as well as Trending apps. 

From our brief time playing with the new arrival on our Samsung Galaxy S, it seems faster to return results which is very much welcomed. When you land on an app and choose to install it, the information looks better presented too. 

As we pointed out previously, you’ll also get direct access to the different Android accounts you might have, so if you have some apps associated with one account and some on another, you’ll be able to see what’s where.

Sharing is also baked right in, the usual share options presenting themselves via the link at the top of each app page.

We’ve checked some other devices in the office, but so far the SGS is the only one to receive the update - let us know in the comments below if it lands on your phone.