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(Pocket-lint) - As if our Minecraft addiction wasn't bad enough already, the few hours we do leave our darkened gaming dens and venture into daylight will now be spent playing the game on our Xperia Play. 

Minecraft Pocket Edition, an Android version of the cult mine-based game, has now gone live on the Android Market. It currently remains an Xperia Play and Android exclusive, meaning iPhone owners and other eager mobile gamers will have to wait.

Those new to Minecraft should take note, it is about twenty times more addictive than Angry Birds and carries about half the sense of cool. Priced in at £4.26, we highly recommend a download, just make sure you give yourself at least a weeks worth of time to waste. 

The Xperia Play optimisation brings with it full compatibility with the handset's game pad and controls. This means you get proper ease of use and interaction with the Minecraft world, allowing you in theory to build whatever you could on the PC on your mobile. 

Minecraft itself is getting over 50,000 new users a day, with developer Mojang promising a steady stream of updates to both the mobile and PC software. 

Pocket-lint is currently constructing an elaborate Temple of Doom style complex on its Xperia Play and will report back this afternoon on exactly how the application plays.

Given Minecraft a go? What do you think?

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth.