Well, well, well - what do we have here? If it isn't the much discussed and anticipated Android update Ice Cream Sandwich, flaunting its wares for all the world to see.

First impressions - it's very blue isn't it? Lots of aqua action going on too.

The pics were leaked to Android Police and RootzWiki and show the next Android instalment up and running on a Google Nexus S - a handset which will apparently get an update to the new platform when its launched. The first handset to come boxed with Ice Cream Sandwich is said to be the much rumoured Google Nexus Prime.

There's not a great deal to gather from the pics, although it's clear the notification bar has had a major spring clean and there's also a shot of the new app drawer and something that looks like a task manager on the front screen.

first pics of android ice cream sandwich emerge image 3

There's also talk of a new camera panorama mode and a re-skinned Gmail app - although these changes aren't shown in the leaked pictures.

Ice Cream Sandwich is all set to launch later this year. The good news is that older models will apparently be able to handle it as most of the changes are UI based, and not too power-hungry.