With Android making its way into just about every piece of technology available, we didn't expect it would be long before the Google OS turned up in a watch. 

Blue Sky has announced the I'm Watch, an Android 1.6-powered device that allows you to pair with your phone to make calls from your wrist. This means plentiful opportunities for James Bond style moments, just without the lasers and grappling hooks. 

The Italian manufactured wristwatch is currently priced in at 249 euros and comes in a variety of colours including white, pink, blue and red. The slightly more extravagant amongst you will be please to know you can opt for more expensive options including a 14,999 euro white gold and diamonds version. 

The watch itself features a 1.54-inch touchscreen that brings loads of conventional smartphone applications and interactivity. There is a 4GB internal memory and 3.5 mm headphone jack, meaning you can carry music about in the watch. 

Bluetooth is also included, which is crucial as the watch has no network connection. Phone calls will require Bluetooth pairing with a smartphone. 

A Freescale IMX233 CPU and 64 megabytes of memory keep the watch ticking along nicely. As does a Li-Po 350 mAh battery which results in 30 hours of activity when Bluetooth is switched on. 

Those interested in picking up one of the I'm Watches can put in pre-orders on the Blue Sky website.