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(Pocket-lint) - Plenty of the new features of Mac OS X Lion are great, but it has definitely put the cat among the pigeons with compatibility of some third-party software. Sonos Controller no longer works if you store your music files on the Mac itself, forcing Sonos to recommend its userbase not to upgrade to Lion, and, while it basically still works, the current Mac build of Google Chrome has several key foibles.

For starters, the scrollbar is still there for all to see, gesture back and forward browsing doesn't work, and fullscreen works to Chrome's own remit rather than Lion's.

Google is aware of the problem, however, and vows to release a new build as soon as possible. Speaking to TechCrunch, Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Chrome explained that work is under way: "The scrollbar should get fixed in canary tomorrow if not tonight. Will disappear till you start scrolling. Fullscreen needs more work and we will add it to the list and get it fixed but will take some more time. In general, we care about a great native experience on every platform and so the team is pushing hard to get a great stable version for Lion. Can’t wait to try it all out…"

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And, indeed, the scrollbar has been fixed on Canary, the development build of Chrome, Pocket-lint can confirm. It no longer appears when you spark up the browser. Also, rather than fix fullscreen, the development build has removed the icon that normally sits top right of the browsing box.

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The gesture controls now found in Safari are still up for debate, though. TechCrunch suggests that a less than ideal work around would be to set swipe-between-pages to three fingers and swipe-between-full-screen-apps to four fingers in Lion's own settings.

Writing by Rik Henderson.