The latest Google Doodle pays tribute to Gregor Mendel, often referred to as the father of genetics, who was born on this day 189 years ago.

During his life Mendel experimented with pea plants - not in the Jamie Oliver, "throw in a bit of mint" experiment way - but by keeping track of their development over time to discover what inherit traits were passed along, all in the name of genetics.

Mendel's work was recognised at the turn of the 20th century with the rediscovery of his laws, gathered from his pea plant experiments, forming the foundation of the modern science of genetics.

Born in Germany in 1822, he studied at the University of Olomouc and detailed honeybees as well as pea plants. He died in 1884, aged 61.

Googlers in Colombia won't be seeing the Mendel inspired Doodle, however. They've got their own national Google celebrating independence day.

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