In amongst the boring financial statements during Thursday's Google earnings call there were a couple of golden nuggets of information, one of which is quite staggering - there are an average of 550,000 new Android activations every single day - a figure described by CEO Larry Page as "crazy".

The total number of Android devices now tops 130 million, this number is up 30 million on the figure claimed by Google at its I/O conference back in May.

This figure is still well short of Apple's iOS dominance - it topped 200 million last month - but at the current rate of expansion, Google could have 220 million Android devices in circulation by Christmas.

The 4.5 billion app downloads from the Android Market that was touted at the end of last month has also been dwarfed by the actual figure - with Google stating that there has been, in fact, over 6 billion downloads.

Again, this is well short of Apple's download figure of 15 billion - but for an OS that's only been in existence for less than 3 years - this is some going.

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