Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page has confirmed that the company's new social network, Google+, has hit 10 million users, despite the fact that it is still in a limited field trial period.

The stat was revealed during Google's earnings call (which revealed a 36 per cent profit increase for the Mountain View based web giant) and Page has also stated via a post on the social network that people are sharing over 1 billion items per day; an average of 100 shares per user, per day - which we understand to include everything possible with the platform, even adding people to circles.

Speaking about the company as a whole, but clearly with a nod to Google+, Page wrote: "We have made a good start but we are at only 1 per cent of what’s possible … Google is just getting started … and that is why I am here - working hard to lead this company to the next level."

Some third party analysts have had a look at the 10 million figure and come up with the interesting conclusion that most Google+ers are men. SocialStatistics puts the male share at 86.6 per cent, FindPeopleOnPlus have it at slightly less - 73.7 per cent.

With the bulk of Google+ users being web designers, developers and tech journalists (or to give them their collective term, "nerds") the male dominance isn't really surprising though.

Do you Google+? If so, what do you think of the new social network?

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