iRiver is planning on hanging out with the cool kids with what looks like a pretty stylish Android-powered smartphone and tablet setup. 

Pictures leaked this morning onto Korean website cetizen show first an Android handset, named Vanilla, and a tablet called...well Tab. 

The pair are keeping it "urban", shipping in the Apple-esque white that us trendies know and love. The Vanilla also boasts what is called a "clear glass look", which whilst our Korean isn't exactly great, we can only presume means something along the lines of the iPhone 4. 

Specs-wise, the Vanilla is not massively exciting, featuring a lowly 3.5-inch display and 800MHz CPU. Worse still, it uses Android 2.2, meaning it will come to market without the latest version of Google's OS. There is what looks like a front facing camera but no details as to its snapping ability yet.

The Tab is also Android 2.2 and features a 7-inch screen with 5-megapixel camera and built-in Bluetooth. 16GB of internal memory means a bit of space to play with on the music front, but other than that there isn't that much really to get excited about in the specs department.

iRiver is rapidly becoming a mainstream brand and expanding beyond its traditional Asian markets. The company recently announced the Story HD, the first Google Books eReader. It also boasted the highest resolution of any current generation electronic reader device. 

It would be nice to see iRiver return to the fore. Personally we think its value for money approach and decent design aesthetics are a more exciting entry into the Android landscape than some of the similarly priced competition. 

Like iRiver products? Or you not a fan?