Google has gone and revamped its docs, adding in easy video sharing and a set of mobile UI tweaks. 

Google Docs videos can now be inserted pretty much anywhere on the web. You can stick them straight into your Google Site via the insert menu. If you prefer you can copy an HTML snippet on the video page and put it online. Only those who have been given permission to view the video however, will be able to see it. Finally, video can also now have captions added.

The more exciting changes come in the form of Google Docs on your mobile. First up is a new look for the site, which makes things a lot easier to navigate on the phone or tablet.

Documents you have saved can be sorted by name and when they were last opened, allowing those who have a lot of docs to navigate them easier. You can also hit narrow, which will mean you can view a specific subset of documents. 

Sharing has also been massively improved. A dedicated share button on the bottom left now allows you to create a link to distribute docs publicly or post them on a site. You can also use the conventional Google contacts sharing method or email the document itself as an attachment. 

Cloud based documents continue to grow in popularity. Only last week Microsoft announced Office 365 for Professionals, its own online office service. 

Fan of Google Docs? Or are you local?